Virtual teams from the Baltics and EU

What can the Baltics offer in functional expertise, efficiency and service quality versus Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries?

  1. Cost competitiveness  - lower cost for labor, fast productivity growth,
  2. Wide talent pool - 88% of business services employees in Lithuania have a higher education.  The Baltics States are known for efficiency, creativity, hard work and wide skill set.
  3. Modern information and communication technology (ICT) and infrastructure - is leading in the EU and top 7th globally by broadband speed.
  4. Research & Development - Baltic States becoming a vibrant and growing technology scene, given this fact, research and development capabilities play a crucial role in selecting the right location where high value added services and products could be created.

Facts about Lithuania:

  • Business service sector in Lithuania was recognised “The best destination for shared services and outsourcing in CEE”. 2016 Central and Eastern Europe Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards
  • 15,000 employed in the business services industry
  • 60+ business services centers
  • 8 new centers opened in 2016
  • 15% sector growth in terms of employees
  • 34 the largest number of languages used in one center
  • 260 average number of employees in a center
  • 94% of employees have tertiary education
  • 24% of centers have annual attrition rate of 10% or less
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