An introduction to Soprana.

As you know, the name of a company matters. We took time before deciding on Soprana, as we wanted a name that illustrated who we are, and what we do.

Soprana simply means ‘A leading voice; above all other’s’.

Whether for permanent positions or HR outsourcing, the candidates we attract clearly demonstrate their Analytical Skills: such as deconstructing and interrogating problems; Evaluating Skills: hypothesising, critiquing and judging; Creative skills: generating new concepts and ideas, across any number of professions. Furthermore, they have excellent interpersonal skills – the right voice - that will inspire others to reach their full potential. All of which may contribute to the success to your business.

Our innovative methods, use of technology and business communication skills ensure we are a leading voice in recruitment across the Baltics and Scandinavia, providing excellent technical and administrative support for our clients – both employees and employers.

Should you wish to know more, feel free to contact us, and hear what we have to say.


Our services

IT and digital marketing recruitment

We help our clients grow their businesses using people-processes-culture approach and employing innovative practices, as well as integrated AI and digital recruitment solutions. At the same time, we understand that employing highly skilled and relevantly qualified staff is paramount to the success of any company.

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Seasonal hiring

Having relevantly qualified, experienced professionals enhances your business’s chances of success.

As a leading voice in recruitment, we can support you in planning, and securing the most appropriate staff for you and your business. Regardless of the size of your business, we will save you time and money in the process.

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Outsourcing virtual teams remotely

Administrative support incorporates a broad range of skills that provide assistance and organisation across almost all industries. Support may vary from customer support, reservations and booking systems administration, IT, digital marketing, social media management, recruitment, credit control and other processes.

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Talents' search for your business

When you are searching for the employee

When you are searching for employee with SOPRANA

How do we identify that special voice?

We look for candidates that clearly demonstrate the potential to deliver, whilst improving their own performance and that of the company.

  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Aim for goal
  • Sociability
  • Independence
  • Productivity
  • Clear values
  • Responsibility

Highly skilled and talented candidates are sought after as they deliver tangible benefits to any business, as their voice has earned respect.

Soprana, is highly skilled in identifying top level candidates and know how to attract their attention, and retain it.

To retain the best, you have to enable your employees to fulfil their potential and aspirations. We offer advice that may provide you with such assurances.

How are you planning to find and retain talents?

About us

This case study provides insight into how we conduct some of our business. Specialized sector: Chef required in Norway.

Problems and questions our clients encountered and how we successfully dealt with them:

Client: ‘My chef has decided to leave us with immediate effect, and with ‘high season’ fast approaching, I require an equivalent replacement as soon as possible, can you help?’

Soprana: Yes, of course we can help. We have a number of ideal candidates who have the right credentials for your restaurant, if not from Norway, our recruits will be English speaking from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Poland. We hope to expand the list of countries and nationalities.’

Client: ‘How is that possible?

Soprana: ‘We understand human behaviour and anticipate change for seasonal and permanent positions. We partially screen potential candidates across a variety of services in the specialized sectors. We always stand ready.’

Client: ‘How long does the process take?’

Soprana: ‘We aim to complete within three to five working days, however there are occasions when it does take longer.’

Client: ‘Now the bit about money, how much will it cost me to hire a chef from you?’

Soprana: ‘That will depend on the level of experience and the period of time you require their services.’ Click here for further details.

Client: ‘Am I ‘renting’ the chef from you, and if so, what’s the benefit?

Soprana: You are hiring their services from us. In doing so, you save time, reducing your stress levels, and we complete all relevant paper work, legal or otherwise. Being a leading voice in international recruitment ensures we have access to high quality personnel, in your case chefs, whether it is for a seasonal or permanent position.’

Client: ‘What if we really like the chef, and they like us, can we employ him/her on a permanent basis?’

Soprana: Of course, you can and we can sort out all the necessary paperwork.

Client: ‘On the other hand, what happens if something goes wrong, the chef doesn’t like us, or we don’t like them, or they fall ill, or something unexpected happens?’

Soprana: ‘We will find a replacement as soon as is humanly possible – guaranteed.

Client: ‘If we have a bad season and it ends early, will we be penalized for letting the chef leave a few weeks early?’

Soprano: ‘Of course not.’

For a detailed assessment of costs, click here and complete the form. You will hear from us in due course.

Please note: All documentation is treated confidentially and meets all relevant legal requirements (GDPR law) including salary payments and tax and social deductions.

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