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Time, specialization, experience and innovation are essentials in our process, which allows us to offer our clients experience our services within several clicks.


Our services

Staff recruitment

Trusted specialists guarantee successful fulfilment of tasks assigned to them. Does your company feel the need for such employees? You can entrust staff selection to us. We use only proven and effective methods for full and partial selection.

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Personnel hire

Professional staff is a guarantee of success for your business. We will help you to plan your seasonal work by finding the most appropriate staff for your business. This service will save a lot of time for small businesses and human resource departments of medium-sized and large companies.

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Office set-up in Lithuania

Our clients would often tell us that their company activities are not as effective as they could be because of employee turnover that costs time and money to recruit and train new employees or just because the specialists are very expensive or hard to find especially in some distant parts in Norway.

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Talents' search for your business

When you are searching for the employee

When you are searching for employee with SOPRANA

How to identify best employees?

We are looking for those who seek to improve. Needed characteristics:

  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Aim for goal
  • Sociability
  • Independence
  • Productivity
  • Clear values
  • Responsibility

Talents are in great demand:

they bring tangible benefits to the company, that is why employers are trying to find them and immediately employ.

Talents are hard to find:

they are focused on the goal, not on the hunt for new job opportunities. We know how to get their attention.

Talents are hard to keep:

it is important that they would be able to progress in your company. Not only we find the talents but also share our experience on how to keep them.

How are you planning to find and retain talents?

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