IT and digital marketing recruitment

We help our clients grow their businesses using people-processes-culture approach and employing innovative practices, as well as integrated AI and digital recruitment solutions. At the same time, we understand that employing highly skilled and relevantly qualified staff is paramount to the success of any company.

Therefore, as leaders in recruitment, we find and screen the following specialists from a variety of IT and digital industry sectors:

  • front- and back-end developers,
  • web developers,
  • SEO specialists,
  • digital marketing specialists,
  • social media managers,
  • HubSpot specialists,
  • cybersecurity specialists,
  • other specialists.  

Our recruitment region includes the Baltics and other EU countries to satisfy the needs of our clients from Scandinavia, Germany, the UK, and other countries. 


How do we recruit top specialists?


The answer to why Soprana Personnel International is the right choice when headhunting top IT and digital marketing specialists is manifold. 


Highly skilled recruitment team. We have exceptionally qualified and experienced teams in marketing communications, sales, human resources and certified employer branding, as well as talent assessment fields, who are experts in screening potential candidates. We thoroughly assess the candidates employing innovative, state-of-the-art technology in combination with more traditional methods like references from former employers.


Efficient screening method. We conduct a full screening of the candidate when the position demands a high level of responsibility. This includes unique Soprana’s eight-step algorithm — an ingenious, custom process designed to make a comprehensive assessment of the candidate’s suitability. If required, we can provide additional testing on occupational ethics, emotional intelligence, sales competencies, and language skills. The screening processes allows us to compile a detailed profile of the candidate, and see whether they are a great fit for your team. 


Probationary period. We are so confident in our recruitment teams, processes, and procedures that we offer our clients a 6-month probationary period to see whether the candidate we selected is the best choice to your business. In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the candidate we provide, we’ll find another one for free. 


Baltic countries — source of competitive talents


The Baltic countries are well-advanced in providing top-level recruitment services for several reasons.


Cost competitiveness means lower labor cost but high-quality candidate skill set.


Wide talent pool — over 88% of Lithuanian and Latvian employees have higher education, while specialists from all Baltic countries demonstrate skillful efficiency, creativity, and hard work. 


Advancements in ICT — the Baltic countries are leaders in the EU in terms of broadband speed.


Booming tech ecosystems. The Baltic countries have rapidly growing tech ecosystems which generate an extensive pool of qualified specialists. 


Soprana Personnel International branches in Norway, Lithuania, and Latvia allow us to recruit and outsource the best talents for your company, and our expertise is just a Zoom call away. If interested, let's talk—feel free to schedule a short-call to discuss the collaboration opportunities with your remote COO and HR manager Diana Blazaitiene in the Baltics directly or fill in the form below and we will reach out to you.

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