Seasonal hiring

When should you choose staff hiring?

Our customers choose staff hire to ensure successful seasonal operationsto save time and cost of recruitment and documentation processing. Depending on customer demand, we select employees before the start of the season or during the season, in case of a sudden increase in workload. 

Moreover, we employ marketing, sales and human resource professionals for screening of specialists for your company, to ensure the comprehensive assessment of candidates. Efficient and non-standard job ads will be made using special algorithms and placed on both traditional job search portals and social networks using candidate-driven digital recruitment technologies and employing AI for finding the best employees for you. 

  • We will not only make initial screening telephone calls to the most suitable candidates but will also carefully verify references and feedback from former employers.
  • We follow the principles of professionalism and transparency in our work and share information about withheld and paid taxes with our clients.
  • We are proficient in the sophisticated recruitment process of new specialists, therefore, we offer a guarantee to ensure that if you decide that our selected specialist is not acceptable for your company, we will find you a new specialist free of charge.
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