A career in hospitality is demanding as it is broad. One has to be flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing demands of the industry, given that it is customer lead.

For those of you considering hospitality as a career, here are a few tips, and the expected skill set you will be required to have:

  1. An aptitude for customer relations

The ability to interact with your customer successfully is essential to the success of your business. You must deliver what is expected of you, regardless. Your customer’s satisfaction is your primary objective. Your customer is almost always right.

  1. Excellent interpersonal Skills

The ability to communicate is paramount to your success. As physically and mentally demanding the hospitality sector is, without excellent communication between staff and management and staff and customers, your business will fail.

No matter what position one holds, one requires a command of the written and verbal language appropriate to the location and customer base.

  1. Formal Training

The hospitality sector must adhere to strict health and safety regulations that may include Alcohol or/and gambling, you will be required to be suitably qualified or certified to prosper within your career.

It would also be advantageous to successfully complete a TAFE course, affording your skill set increased value. It may also enable you to attain experience in all areas of the food and beverage service, reception and housekeeping.

Kangan Institute’s Certificate IV in Hospitality (SIT40416) will help you to develop the practical skills and experience needed to secure an entry-level position within this exciting industry. As part of your training, you’ll enjoy 12 weeks work placement at Mantra Hotel Tullamarine, where you’ll gain real-world experience in a four-star hotel.

  1. Cultural awareness

The hospitality industry is undoubtedly amongst the most multi-cultural of any sector from both a staff and customer point of view.

To succeed and progress, one should have awareness of and be sensitive to different cultures, customs, religions, races, nationalities amongst other nuances that differs between human beings – your customers. Such an awareness will only add gravitas to one’s business and your career.

  1. Multitasking an important strength to have in the hospitality sector

Being customer lead in such a fast-turn-around industry demands that you can multitask. You must be able to deliver, regardless of the mental, physical and time demanded of you, one must always retain a professional and courteous demeanour. This will reflect well on the business and your position therein.

  1. Team player

The successful team player has excellent interpersonal skills. Be willing to make suggestions, propose new concepts and ideas as well as accept those proposed by others. You should inspire your subordinates, whilst responding positively to your superiors. Remember, working as a team is a shared responsibility. ‘All for one and one for all.’

  1. Be Flexible

Hospitality can be 24/7 all year round, especially in hotels. You must be able to avail yourself, very often at short notice. There is an expectation of loyalty, which is often rewarded. You may well have to be a versatile and good all-rounder, depending on the level and nature of the establishment.


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