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Administrative support encompasses a wide range of tasks that provide assistance to business operations. It varies from clerical duties such as bookkeeping, planning and scheduling, and documentation to specialized jobs that involve thorough knowledge of specific fields (e.g. legal administrative assistant, medical assistant, accounting support).

A help desk provides support for either employees or clients, or both. The help desks takes inbound phone calls and emails, addresses the person's concerns and tries to fix the problem. Help desks focus primarily on technical issues, such as problems with an employee's computer, or with an online ordering system. Some companies choose to outsource their help desk. Outsourcing has several advantages:

  1. Flexible Hours
  2. Reduced Costs 
  3. Easier Management
  4. Higher Profits

We are able to act as a true business partner for our clients. We offer comprehensive and bespoke talent sourcing and recruitment project management solutions to meet recruitment objectives at many levels and across multiple countries.


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