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Administrative support incorporates a broad range of skills that provide assistance and organisation across almost all industries. Support may vary from clerical duties such as bookkeeping, planning, scheduling, and documentation to specialized jobs that involve a thorough knowledge of specific professions - legal, medical and accounting, amongst others.

The Help Desk. The person responsible for the help desk is there to support both internal staff and external clients/customers. They have to be knowledgeable and flexible when dealing with a host of issues and demands that impact on the everyday running of the company.

Indeed, such is the importance of the help desk, some companies outsource them, which does have several advantages:

  1. Flexible Hours
  2. Reduced Costs 
  3. Easier Management
  4. Higher Profits

We are the ideal business partner for all of our clients. We are indeed a leading voice in recruitment across the Baltics and Scandinavia. We provide bespoke and comprehensive support on recruitment projects of any size and specialism.



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