Staff recruitment

Employing highly skilled and relevantly qualified staff is paramount to the success of any company. As a leading voice in recruitment, we have the capacity to find, and partially or fully screen specialists, from a variety of industry sectors.

Screening is vital to secure the right candidate for the right position. It saves time, resources and money for all sizes of companies, without exception.

As a leading voice in recruitment, we have exceptionally qualified and experienced teams in marketing communications, sales and human resources, who are experts in screening potential candidates for any level of recruitment. Assessment of candidates is thorough using innovative, state of the art technology as well as some of the more traditional methods, not least references from former employers.

We take the view, when the post demands a high level of responsibility, a full screening is advisable. This would include an ingenious ‘8 step’ algorithm, and if required, we can provide additional testing on occupational ethics, emotional intelligence, sales competencies and English language skills. This provides us (therefore you) with a detailed profile of our candidate.

In fact, we are so confident in our recruitment processes and procedures, we offer our clients a three-month probationary period - guaranteed.

Moreover, in the unlikely event that either party is dissatisfied, we will find an alternative candidate, free of charge.  

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