Remote/Virtual teams

Even though the remote or virtual and hybrid workplaces have been on the rise after pandemics, our clients in Norway have been successfully employing such service since 2016. 

Administrative support incorporates a broad range of skills that provide assistance and organisation across almost all industries. Support may vary from clerical duties such as customer support, reservations and booking systems administration, social media management, recruitment, credit control and other processes. 

We recruit, prepare onboarding plans, trainings and administer employment, work safety and payroll of the employees who work directly for our clients in Scandinavia and Germany.

By providing us to take care of outsourced business processes, our clients can focus on their strategic tasks and in many cases - reduce costs and time used for managing the teams.  

We are the ideal business partner for all of our clients. We are indeed a leading voice in recruitment across the Baltics and Scandinavia. We provide bespoke and comprehensive support on recruitment projects of any size and IT, digital marketing and tourism industries.

If you would like to meet your future remote COO and HR manager Diana for your gifted remote team - reach out 947 850 88 or schedule a short Zoom call to find out if your business can scale and grow though employment of a virtual/remote team:


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