Outsourcing virtual teams remotely

Why are remote virtual teams beneficial?

We have heard from a handful of new clients that their operations weren't as productive as anticipated due to significant staff turnover and the ensuing high cost of hiring new employees and providing them with training. They also said that locating professionals was proving challenging, particularly in some of Norway's more isolated regions.

As a special service from our side, we proposed starting satellite operations in the Baltics and moving some of their commercial functions there. This service allows them to test the market and avoid the costs of setting up and running a company, as Soprana Personnel administers it instead.

Why trust us to manage your remote team?

In the Baltics and Scandinavia, Soprana Personnel International has a leading voice in hiring due to years of offering specialized and all-encompassing help for recruiting initiatives of any size to the IT, digital marketing, and tourist industries. We allow our clients to concentrate on their strategic responsibilities and, in many cases, cut down on the expenses and time spent managing teams by handling their outsourced business procedures.

We find suitable locations and hire people with the necessary mindset, education and experience, either from the Baltics or internationally. Currently our teams in the Baltics consist of members from France, Canada, UK, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Latvia and Lithuania.

We handle the entire remote crew, so the customer doesn't have to worry about any of the following: paperwork, facilities, even the employees' mental well-being. At the end of the month, the client just has to pay one bill.

Here is what our clients are saying about this service:

In Jobilla we chose to hire an international team in Lithuania and Latvia first of all because we have a person that we trust - Diana. Baltic IT standards are really high, so it’s possible to hire really high quality skilled people. In remote recruiting and managing remote teams the most important thing is trust in people, integrity and in the person who is running operations in the locations. I have really good experience in that and I am at any day ready to open more operations, especially in the Baltics.” Pekka Nebelung, COO of Jobilla - startup providing AI solutions for recruitment. The company has grown its business by 150 per cent annually and operates globally with a strong focus on the Nordics, Benelux and DACH regions, raising €10.4M in funding and has over 4000 clients in 56 countries

To find out how your company can scale and thrive through the use of a virtual/remote crew, contact Diana at [email protected] or +47 940 850 77. You may also schedule a short Zoom call here.


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