Office set-up in Lithuania

There have been occasions when our newer clients have informed us that their business activities were not as effective as they believed they could be, citing high staff turnover, consequently incurring high recruitment costs as well as training costs. They went on to say finding specialists was proving difficult, especially for some of the more remote parts of Norway.

We suggested opening satellite operations in Lithuania - relocating elements of their business, a unique service we could provide for them. This is also available for the tourism sector


We secure appropriate premises and recruit relevantly qualified and skilled personnel from either Norway, or English speaking non-Norwegian nationals from across the world.

We have the capacity to support with all ‘start-up’ requirements, from marketing, telecommunications, IT services, office furniture, to administration, financial services, including salary documentation, saving our clients time and stress. We even provide additional training, if required. The best bit, is one invoice at the end of the month, again, reducing their paperwork.

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