Office set-up in Lithuania

Our clients would often tell us that their company activities are not as effective as they could be because of employee turnover that costs time and money to recruit and train new employees or just because the specialists are very expensive or hard to find especially in some distant parts in Norway.

This weakens the level of customer experience, slows down the processes and company doesn’t grow as planned or expected. We heard our clients and offered them to move part of their services to Lithuania. How does this work? We help the client to choose the office, recruit Norwegian and English speaking personnel, arrange accounting and documentation. You can save financial and time resources not only for training, but also office rent, telecommunication, IT services and salary payments as well. We administrate all the services, if needed provide additional training and personnel management, all is left to do is to pay 1 invoice at the end of the month. Interested or would like to hear more information and get our clients’ feedback about this service? Contact +4794785077 [email protected]

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