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Most Important IT Skills Employers Look For


One of the primary skills a potential employer will look for is that of coding. If the position involves software/web development, an employer will almost certainly consider those with the capacity to write code, perhaps in several languages, as many systems are created using more than one language.

In some cases, the successful candidate may be expected to and manage ‘quality assurance’ (although not exclusively) for example.


It is a misconception that IT professionals are introverts. Working in IT demands that one works with different departments, teams and individuals. Excellent communication skills are vital. The ability to explain IT to the layperson is an asset for any company. And, as with any leader in their field, one has to have a voice that others respect, and be able to bring individuals together and build them into teams.


The ability to create a successful network is an asset for any company, as it enables the company to become more team orientated, assisting in sharing good practice and perhaps identifying not so good practice; individuals working as one, connected by the network. As Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’

There may also be a demand for ‘network architects, engineers as well as network (systems) administrators, who are responsible for the day-to-day operational tasks of larger systems.

Time Management

Self-directed and motivated are prerequisites of IT professionals, as is that ability to manage time effectively. The pace of technological advancement has to be considered, almost daily, as it impacts on time and time management as well as infrastructure.

A successful IT manager will be able to anticipate and assess timelines for projects, and when necessary brief teams and inspire them to deliver projects successfully and on time.

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