How we work

We are renowned for meeting the expectations of our clients and candidates, for both seasonal and permanent positions.

We use a variety of innovative processes and procedures and digital technology to evaluate our candidates and match them to our client’s needs.

Please note, we are compliant with ISO 30409 and ISO 30405 quality standards’ requirements.

Problems, that we can solve for our clients and our solutions:

“I have lost my chef immediately – and need a replacement as soon as possible” Is this situation familiar to you? Sometimes even the best team members leave teams, so if this is your case, we can help you by finding the right employees and sending to you to work in the shortest time possible.

I am planning for upcoming high-seasons – and need to hire good chefs for this high-season” Most of our clients plan the seasons ahead and rely personnel tasks to us. Our candidates also enjoy having an early proposal for the upcoming season, so it’s a win-win solution for both sides.

Most often client questions/problems

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